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Air Conditioning Maintenance


While many homeowners don’t realize the importance of their air conditioning maintenance system, preventative maintenance is actually critical for a variety of reasons.

Saving energy and money on utility bills.

All homeowners should monitor and track how much they pay each month to cool their home. Obviously some fluctuation in your energy cooling costs is to be expected as you adjust your usage to the temperature outside, but if you notice a definitive spike in your A/C costs without an increase in usage, this sudden drop in efficiency may indicate a need for professional A/C repair services.

Improving home comfort and the air you breathe.

Simply replacing air filters will ensure proper airflow, and better air quality resulting in greater overall comfort while saving on your utility bills. In addition to regularly changing your air conditioning air filters and keeping your system clean, a routinely scheduled professional tune–up for your air conditioner, ensures that it is working at both factory specs and maximum efficiency.

 Catch a small problem now, save BIG money later.

There is no such thing as too minor of a problem to contact Verona HVAC. Strange sounds, odd odors, low air volume can be indicators of more serious problems to come and require a professional air conditioning repair service.

Most experts recommend that you have you’re A/C system checked once a year, or twice a year if you have a heating and cooling system in one. Your A/C system will need a “tune–up” in the spring before you start using your air conditioning to help catch any problems before they become expensive and result in critical failure.

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